How many travellers will be there as part of a group tour?

The number of travelers varies depending on the destination. The usual group size for the tour is Domestic between 40 to 50 guests In the case of specialty tours, there are chances that the number of traveling may increase.

Can I extend my stay while on a group tour?

Yes, you can indeed extend your stay while on a group tour. This extension of stay before or after a tour would incur additional charges. You can do it by informing our travel executive at the time of booking.

Where can I find information about all ITA Services?

The ITA website contains all of the information about all services. You can also call on the ITA 8800555044 and speak to our travel Expert.

Does ITA book Air Tickets?

yes, ITA books the air tickets that are part of the tour. In the case of customized holidays, Veena World will book the air tickets when you decide to book a holiday package i.e. Air + Hotel/Air + Hotel + Sightseeing, etc.

Where can I find the address of Veena World offices or Preferred Sales Partners?

You can find the address of Veena World offices or Preferred Sales Partners in the Contact Us section of the website. Here is the link: Contact Us

Does the tour itinerary change on tour?

While on tour, the tour itinerary can change at times due to external circumstances pertaining to the airline, hotel, sightseeing, transport or due to force majeure events. In case of any such changes, guests are notified of the change on tour itself.

Can I modify or change my booking after confirmation?

Yes, in select cases, you have the option to modify your booking after confirmation. However, to do so, kindly consult our travel executive. Any such modifications would incur additional charges.